image This is a “webcomic” that I’m using to test out features in Twig.  The early episodes will likely be non-interactive, but as I add features and start to reach closure, I’ll start experimenting with interactivity.




Click on the link below for the episode you want, then press the Run button inside the page, which will download a Setup.exe file, which you should run if it doesn’t start automatically.  The first time you run a comic, you may have to wait for the system to install .NET and XNA.  After that, subsequent comics will download and run almost immediately.

For non-interactive comics, you can just sit and watch.  However, you can:

  • Hit space bar to skip past a line of dialog (if it’s going too slowly for you)
  • Hit pause to tell the system to pause after each line of dialog, until you hit space.

Note also that these are “debug builds” of the programs, meaning that all my testing instrumentation is still built-in.  To see a complete listing of commands, press the F1 key.





Old XNA 2.0 versions


To run one of the XNA 2.0 versions of the episodes:

  1. Install the XNA 2.0 redistributable, if you haven’t already.  You need only install this once.  Also, you don’t need to install it if you are already running XNA Game Studio 2.0.
  2. Download the ZIP file for an episode
  3. Unzip the ZIP file (right click, choose Expand All, and follow the instructions).
  4. Run the application from the unzipped directory.  It won’t work if you try to run it from inside the zip file itself.




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