Here are various other miscellaneous demos I’ve done with Twig.

“Safe home base” simulation


Twig was originally just a gait generator that I did to serve as a back-end animation system for a behavioral simulation I was doing of parent/child “attachment.”  The attachment behavior system is thought to be the system that causes children to want to maintain their proximity to their parents.  Attachment is interesting from an AI standpoint for a whole bunch of reasons (see my papers on AI blog).

You can find the simulation here.  In it, two children play with a ball, while being watched by an (entirely too passive) parent.  The real action is in the little kid, who’s trying to balance a number of conflicting goals whose relative priorities are constantly changing – watching the parent, playing with the ball, keeping an eye on the other kid, playing with the merry-go-round, etc.  The general dynamics of the sim is that the kid runs around playing with the ball, but gets anxious the longer and farther away s/he is from the ball.  The rising anxiety changes the valences the kid assigns to different objects, until the ball seems less important and the parent seems more important, at which point the kid starts looking back at the parent, and eventually, runs back to attach to (hug) the parent.  The hug recharges the child’s security meter, and the child returns to play.  This iterates until you get bored or the child gets distracted by the merry-go-round.

Hit TAB twice to center the camera on the little kid, then press ‘h’ to bring up a HUD with debugging information.


AAAI Spring Symposium 2009 plenary talk


This was a prank I did for the plenary talk at the AAAI Spring Symposium Series in March 09.  I had the Twig kids “interrupt” the talk to protest that AI research was too boring.  I even had little protest signs saying “AI sucks” and “Down with AAAI”, but I couldn’t get the texture maps to import from Sketchup, alas.

The “talk” is here, although it has a fair amount of nerdly in-jokes for the AI community.


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