Status update and release schedule

I haven’t posted much recently other than papers.  The school year tends to be hard for me because I teach what’s referred to as an overload (i.e. more courses than I’m normally supposed to).  The good news is that the quarter is over and I’m back from GDC and the AAAI Intelligent Narrative Technologies Symposium.  The bad news is that the new quarter starts tomorrow.

I’m behind on my self-imposed schedule for the next release of Twig.  The new release has the fast subgoaling code from the FDG paper, as well as new prop types, new actions, grabbing that’s integrated with reaching, sitting that’s integrated with locomotion, and a bunch of fixed and extensions to the RPC system.  It’s all done, I just haven’t finished porting some of the old controllers over to the new goal system.  And I need to do regression testing on the old episodes of the web comic.

However, I have a lot to think through and blog about from my week of conferencing, so I’ll try to do that first while it’s still fresh in my mind.  But I want to be sure to put it up before I’m sucked into further travel.  So one way or another, I’ll be posting it before my talks in Singapore mid-month.  If nothing else, I have 24 hours of flying time with just me and a laptop …


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